REVIEW: Double Decker! Doug & Kirill (Episode 9)

Episode 9: Don’t Think, Feel So Good! | ドントスィンクフェールソーグッド!

The protagonist’s awesome Engrish catchphrase gets title cred this episode, which is a nice way to jetpack back into the actual plot of the series after a slogging through slew of character filler.

Pictured: a literal double-decker. Fuck yeah, jetpacks!

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REVIEW: Double Decker: Doug & Kirill (Episode 8)

Episode 8: Dancing! Academy! Investigation!

In a formulaic continuation of spending entire episodes delving into a specific agent’s irrelevant backstory, Maxine (“Max”), aka “Boxer” is up next, and by extension, her partner Yuri, aka “Robot.” On one hand, a platitude-drenched, cliche-driven slog of a twenty minutes. On the other hand… biker lesbians.

But you know, at least the kids are having fun.

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REVIEW: Banana Fish (Episode 19)

Episode 19: Ice Palace | 氷の宮殿

Banana Fish is at its best when I hate it the most. It’s mean, it’s hard to watch, and it’s so cruelly poignant that it transcends its own brutality into art. Even when the plot is at its most far-fetched, the raw emotion is authentic and meaningful.


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REVIEW: Banana Fish (Episode 18)

Episode 18: Islands in the Stream | 海流のなかの島々

This episode has everything you’ve grown to love about Banana Fish – Ash/Eiji romantic insinuation, gunfights, literal and figurative explosions. But you might hate it anyway.

Pictured: my actual internal monologue

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