Welcome to the Gay Anime Symposium! This humble but wholly unapologetic blog is an outlet for discussing gayness in anime, video games, and manga. Whether BL or GL, yaoi or yuri, this very important blog will assess that very important age-old question, the answer to which has long eluded philosophers: is it gay?

What is BL/GL?

BL and GL refer to Boy’s Love and Girl’s Love respectively, a romance genre featuring same-sex love in Japanese manga and anime. Typically, BL and GL are distinct from what we might call LGBT fiction, as BL is almost exclusively targeted to women, and GL is generally targeted toward men (though sometimes women as well), as generally is a subset of the romance genre and does not deal with usual LGBT issues (i.e. coming out, social acceptance, gay policy, etc.) Additionally, as romance, usually the couple in question is beautifully stylized instead of realistic.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t some crossover, or that the BL and GL genres haven’t explored beyond the genre’s presumed boundaries. Furthermore, many fans – including myself – of BL and GL identify as queer themselves.

Is it the same as yaoi/yuri, then?

For all intents and purposes with how the phrases “yaoi” and “yuri” are usually used in the West, yes. Experts will tell you that technically yaoi and yuri refer to sexually explicit works and the PG13 versions should be called shounen ai or shoujo ai, but the proper genre name in Japan is BL and GL in all cases, and is what this blog will use.

This blog will also shamelessly overlap queer presence with the terms BL and GL, so long as the queer presence takes place in an anime, manga, or video game.

Who the hell are you?

I’m a person who shamelessly enjoys even the worst of yaoi and yuri tropes. It allows me to combine two of my favorite hobbies: anime and same-sex sex.